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Sandy Brosam's sons

My Life Has Been Complicated…

I was once asked by a young woman holding her newborn baby…
“What is the hardest thing about being a mother”?
I told her not being one~ and turned away to hide the tears that came.

I have given birth to 4 children, 2 with feet on the ground, and 2 who grew their wings. My first child died in a car accident when I was 21. I was the driver. 8 years later, my 4th child died from cancer. So I know grief, and survivor’s guilt. I have had an entire lifetime to learn about my journey with grief.

Losing a child changed my reality, losing the 2nd one was brutal. 

Then my mother died in my arms from a brain aneurysm.

Socially, for many people these are the anchors. Our sense of balance in life. Our family tree. My mother helped me survive the loss of my children, so in losing her, I lost my lifeline so to speak. I was on my own. I had to make the decision to let her die peacefully in my arms, as she had asked me to do. She had survived the loss of two grandchildren, and watched her daughter spiral thru the pain. She deserved to die in peace. I had to be strong enough to provide that last act of love for her.

As I have grown and healed, I have reached out to help others, both with this grief support website and the writing of my books.

My passion is to Empower Grieving Hearts to Heal!