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Positive Directions

Positive solutions to being stuck in your grief.

Ants On The Sidewalk

Defining moments in my life on my grief journey. The lesson of ants on the sidewalk, my 3 year old son old taught me. How did I become active in my life again? I found the ants on the sidewalk. How did ants on the sidewalk become important to me? It was because I saw … Continue reading »

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How do I let go?

Grief CPR Series Emotion = Energy in Motion I am often asked “How do I let go?” or “How did you let go?” That is such a tough answer. I am non-judgmental in my writings, as I believe the choices in how we believe about God, the Universe, and Spirit, are vastly different, but yet … Continue reading »

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Smashmouth Interview

What motivated you to become an indie author? Over the years I have helped others with grief support, and when eBooks started getting more popular, I wanted to make my book available to others in this format. When I looked at reprinting the original version of Love & Courage, I wanted to add more information. So … Continue reading »

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Nature’s Whispers

I like to create inspiration for coping with grief, I made these cards a few years ago, but never really did anything with them. So I am sharing them with you. It is a slide show, so you can take as long as you need to read them.

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