Natures Whispers

I try to get creative when I am working on my empowerment articles. I know one of the hardest things for me to learn when i was in the depths of my grief, was to find positive elements in my life. I was so very broken, that I seemed to slide back into the negative self talk and thoughts because I missed my boys so badly. I found that when I would find positive thoughts and poems, it help to get me back into the life I choose to live, without all that negativity weighting me down! I am sharing inspiration here for positive encouragement. These are my words, not a copy from somewhere else. I was thinking, what would nature whisper to me if it could?

Natures whispers

Alligator Whispers


Take a bite out of life.

Keep a low profile.

Bask in the sun.

Keep an eye out for opportunities.

Be thick skinned, they don’t understand.

Don’t be afraid to open your mouth, let the grief out.


Bat Whispers


Trust your senses.

Don’t be afraid of the dark.

Spend time hanging around with your friends.

Get a grip on your grief.

Sometimes ya just have to wing it.

Guano Happens!


Bear Whispers


Eat well.

Live large.

Climb beyond your expectations.

When life gets hairy, grin and bear it!

Take a good long nap, but don’t hibernate in your grief!

Live life with the seasons, and look after your honey!


Bison Whispers

Stand your ground.

Have a tough hide.

Keep moving thru the grief.

Cherish wide open spaces.

Have a strong spirit.

Roam wild and free from the pain!

Let the chips fall where they may.


Bluebird Whispers


Spread your wings with happiness.

Keep a song in your heart!

Be colorful.

Fill your nest with friendships.

The sky has no limits.


Butterfly Whispers


Show your true colors.

Look for the sweetness in life.

Take time to smell the flowers.

Free yourself from your cocoon.

Transform pain into loving memories.

Take yourself lightly.

Catch a breeze!


Cactus Whispers


Get plenty of sunshine.

Accentuate your points.

Be patient through your dry spells.

Conserve your resources.

Don’t desert your friends.

Wait for your time to bloom.

Stay sharp!


Campfire Whispers


Gather strong relationships.

Spark new ideas.

Bring people together.

Radiate warmth.

Be a good storyteller.

Don’t let grief burn you out.


Canyon Whispers


Carve out a place for yourself in your new life after loss.

Reach deep for strength.

Stand the test of time.

Aspire to new plateaus.

Don’t get boxed in.

Listen to the voices of your loved ones in the wind.


Cat Whispers


Be frisky!

Pounce on possibilities.

Enjoy the nightfall.

Always land on your feet.

Stretch your soul often.

Delight in simple joys.

Create a purr-fect day!


Cave Whispers


Breath deeply.

See beauty behind the shadows.

Search inwards.

See the hole picture.

Healing grief takes time.

Look beneath the surface.

Turn off the lights and be yourself.


Chameleon Whispers


Be a colorful creation of your soul!

Shed your old ways and live in your new skin.

Allow changes to your lifepath.

Be still and listen to your heart.

Snap up new life directions.


Deer Whispers


Look both ways before you cross the road.

Don’t pass the buck!

Be a good listener.

Know when to lay low.

Tread lightly on the earth.

Take time to browse.

Leap over grief obstacles. 


Dog Whispers

lobo dog

Be loyal.

Unleash your talents.

Learn new tricks.

Share your sticks, but hide your favorite snacks!

Make new friends.

Always run to greet your loved ones!


Dolphin Whispers


Have a playful spirit.

Be curious about life.

Sound out new ideas.

Glide thru life with ease and grace.

Find someone in grief you really click with.

Find your life’s porpoise!


Eagle Whispers


Let your spirit soar!

See the big picture.

Cherish your freedom.

Bald is beautiful.

Keep your goals in sight.

Soar thru your grief.

Nest safely with love.


Elephant Whispers


Have big dreams!

Charge ahead thru grief.

Make a big first impression.

Be all ears when listening.

Always be kind and gentle, no matter how big you are!


Elk Whispers


Don’t get stuck in a rut!

Cherish wide open spaces.

Appreciate life’s high points.

Know where to make tracks.

Make your grief voice heard.

Be magnificent!


Fox Whispers


Rely on your own instincts and intuition.

Have a playful spirit.

Have good scents.

Stop look and listen to your grief.

Find a cozy den.

Always be bright eyed and bushy tailed!


Frog Whispers


Make a splash into your life!

Look before you leap.

Don’t jump to conclusions.

Enjoy a good soul swim.

Stretch your grief legs often!


Giraffe Whispers


Stand tall.

Reach for new heights & learn from your grief.

Be head and shoulders above the pain of grief.

Don’t be afraid to stick your neck out to grow.

Keep your chin up, the intense grief will pass.





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